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Mustcat Catamaran
Looking for a luxury way to see whales and dolphins? Enjoy the crystal clear waters around Tenerife South, see whales and dolphins, visit secluded bays, swim and snorkel. Free drinks served throughout, draught beer, wine, champagne and soft drinks and a snack too! Transport to and from your hotel included in the south. Discover the wonderful world of the Atlantic Ocean offering an excellent chance that you'll see whales and dolphins in their natural habitat. You won't have to settle for just viewing the marine life from the boat either - we'll make a swim and snorkel stop in a secluded bay so you can see what's under the water. We'll even provide all the equipment you'll need. Join us on our luxury MustCat Catamarans and sail with us for a memorable day on the Ocean. No crowds, just you your family and friends. Children of all ages are welcome. Have the best day of your holidays!

For a long time, is available for everybody to enjoy this unforgettable experience. Our excursions are fantastic for families, teenagers, nature's admirers and for anybody, who wants to enjoy a pleasant day on board of Royal Dolphin. We offer 3 hour & 4½ hour excursion with transport to & from most areas, which include a whales and dolphins safari, other type of attractions and a journey by the Southwestern coast of Tenerife, which is a protected area and named the interest by the UE; visit at the majestic cliff Los Gigantes, and the possibility to take a bath in one of its bays.

3 & 4½ Hour Sailings + Snorkelling
Go see whales and dolphins
Come back sailing along the coast
Free Food & Drinks included

Unlike on other Tenerife excursion boats, the captain, crew and staff are always visible and never hiding away below deck. They're always on hand to answer questions, serve drinks and snacks and generally be there when you need them. They also take a personal delight in seeing Tenerife's whales and dolphins and are extremely knowledgeable in all things whale-y and dolphin-ey (are they real words?!). They also pride themselves on being one of the happiest and friendliest crews that sail the Canary Island seas.

 this Tenerife luxury catamaran excursion can actually hold 70 people but more often than not will sail with half this amount allowing plenty of space to enjoy the free bar, stretch out and sunbathe, and most importantly make sure that when the famous Tenerife whales and dolphins do appear alongside, everybody can see them without the craning of necks and clamouring for camera angles.

3 Hour Sailings €38.50 €19.50
4½ Hour Sailings €48.00 €25.00
Children 4 years to 12 years

3 and 4½ Hour Sailings + Snorkelling

Go see whales and dolphins

Come back sailing along the coast
Free Food & Drinks
Snorkelling and transport included
Days Available:  3 Hours AM 3 Hours PM Hours

For Excursions From Los Gigantes

For Excursions From Puerto de la Cruz

Unfortunately we don't offer excursions

from Cruise Liners

Monday  10am N/A 1.15pm
Tuesday  10am 1.15pm N/A
Wednesday  10am 1.15pm N/A
Thursday  10am 1.15pm N/A
Friday  10am 1.15pm N/A
Saturday  10am 1.15pm N/A
Sunday   10am 1.15pm N/A

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